Habit trackers: a great tool to achieve goals and set up a daily routine

Habit tracker: a great tool to achieve goals and set up a daily routine (have you checked out my free printables?)

Habit trackers are very popular in bullet journals but maybe you don’t want a whole journal, you just want to keep it simple, strip it back to one tool that cuts out the fuss and gets the job done. If so, then my free printable is for you. You can probably tell because I created the ‘One Bead at a Time’ bracelet for tracking goals that I love to track my progress. Likewise, habit trackers can also be used to track just about anything you would like to achieve or improve in your life (water intake, exercise, daily skincare routine, meditation or hours of sleep each night). The list is endless so get imaginative.

What is a habit tracker and how do I fill it in?

 A habit tracker is a way to track the creation of new habits daily without having to rewrite them over and over, you just write the habit you want to create once and each day you complete that task you get to colour in a box. Simple. Easy peasy and who doesn’t like getting their colouring pencils out. A teacher told me (many years ago) in school that it takes 21 repetitions to create a habit so I find a month long habit tracker works best for me.


Example image below:

You want to start getting 8 hours sleep each night but on the first of the month you stay up late so you don’t get 8 hours sleep, well then you don’t colour in the first box. For the next 3 nights you do your best to get the full 8 hours sleep so you fill in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th box on your habit tracker. If you want a blank copy of the habit tracker below click here. You can download it and print it as often as you like for free.

 Ray of Sunshine Habit Tracker

How will a habit tracker help me to achieve my goals?

Ever start something only to quit after a few days? Tracking really is the best way in my opinion to be successful when you start something new because you can see your progress and that in turn builds momentum and motivates you to keep going. Tracking also gives you accountability. Celebrating is also important. Celebrate the little wins along the way to your bigger goals, this also builds momentum and trains the brain to win.


Successful people don’t have endless motivation, they have good daily routines and habits. Research shows motivation is like a muscle, the more you flex it the stronger it gets but it can also become fatigued. A habit tracker will help you to develop daily routines and habits, which after a while become automatic and require less motivation and more success.


It helps you to identify trends, for example on the image above, 3 of the days you didn’t exercise you didn’t get 8 hours sleep either so you can make that connection and improve. You can make some new discoveries about yourself from looking at the patterns on the completed tracker. When you’re tired maybe you turn to sugary food on the couch rather than working out. When you can see the trends you make improvements. To get the most out of your time spent colouring your habit tracker, spend some time at the end of the month with your tracker before you start a new one and really think about it, really identify the trends and combinations for success.

25 Habit tracking ideas:

  1. 2L water
  2. Number of calories
  3. Number of syns
  4. Walk
  5. Run
  6. Number of Steps
  7. Yoga
  8. Number of hours sleep
  9. Skincare routine
  10. Meditation
  11. Relaxation
  12. Family time
  13. Moods
  14. 5-10 fruit and veg
  15. Supplements
  16. No junk food
  17. No fizzy drinks
  18. Housework
  19. Study
  20. Screen time
  21. Reading
  22. Journaling
  23. Gratitude
  24. Spending
  25. Saving

What habits are you going to track? 


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  • Love the habit tracker, I already do it. I find it’s best to start off with just a few things, as we all know it’s making those little changes that matter. I regularly do 1. Water 2. Exercise 3. Fitness 4. Mindfulness 5. Food tracking.

    Susan Taylor

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