Meet Laura the founder of Love, Jools motivational jewellery brand

This month's blog is more of a Vlog. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, so much so I didn't sleep the night before, broke a sweat at the thoughts of it and felt a bit green around the gills in the days leading up to recording. You see, I never like to watch or hear myself on camera but sure not many people do. On Thursday I was interviewed by Niamh Sherwin (aka The Content Fairy) and Kev Sherwin who knew all the right camera angles. So here it is...


I am really proud of the fact that I've helped so many women and I know I have a product that will continue to help women in the future.

Love, Jools is a motivational jewellery company. My mission is to help women believe that they can achieve whatever they want if they break it down into small enough steps and take it 'One Bead at a Time'.

I was on my own weight loss journey many moons ago and I was using paperclips to represent each pound that I lost. I brought a bracelet that I had that I could add beads to along to my group instead of the paperclips and it has kind of just grew from there. 

In 2017 I made it official and I set up my website and my Instagram page because I knew I could help many more women because I could reach more women. 

I've had one lady who wore her bracelet without any beads because she had a lot of debts that she wanted to clear and every time she went to spend money she would look at the empty bracelet and she would remember: When the bracelet is full and I've cleared my debts, I'm going to have a much better life so she would put a bead on every time she cleared a debt.

I now use my bracelet to track my Cancer journey and each bead on my bracelet represents one of my positive check-ups I've had since having the all clear so when I start to feel nervous about, you know, the possibility of it coming back, I look at how far I've come and all the positive check-ups I've had so I get to wear these beads with pride.

The bracelet has evolved, it is now Sterling Silver, it is a higher quality bracelet because I knew people want something that is going to last. It is handmade locally here in Dublin and it is hallmarked in Dublin Castle.

Women tend to give too much of their self to everyone else so this is a little something for themselves whether they buy it for their self or they are gifted it by a friend or a family member, it's just a fantastic way for them to empower themselves on their own journeys and their own goals. 

"I wear it every day as a reminder of how far I have come, 57 little beads that mean so much" - Julie B

I am really proud of the fact that women now have a visual reminder of their pride. They can wear their achievements with pride, and it does not hurt that it looks great too. 


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