My top 5 motivational tips to help you achieve your goals

Motivation and inspiration are two words that are thrown around like confetti these days. There is no end to the motivational quotes online every day and I love the pep they put in my step but this post from BossBabe was actually the first one to make me stop and sit up straight.

BossBabe Make Yourself A Priority

It boils down to me telling myself “I’m not a priority” every time I tell myself “I’m too busy to exercise” and that didn’t sit well with me at all, it was like a kick in the chest to be honest. I have printed this post off and put it in the back of my phone cover to look at it when I start making excuses. It really is all about how we talk to ourselves. Excuses sound best to the person making them up.

I want to share my top 5 tips and tricks with you to help you get over the hump if you're finding it difficult not to make excuses. Everyone is different and what motivates and inspires you can be very different to what motivates and inspires your mother, sister, best friend or partner so maybe pick one and try it for a week and if it doesn’t work for you, you can always move onto another.


1. Be conscious of the way you speak to yourself

I had been telling myself I’m TRYING to eat healthy, I’m TRYING to drink water and I’m TRYING to exercise and guess what? I wasn’t, I was just getting more and more frustrated with myself.

That has changed since I changed my words, now I say I AM eating healthy, I AM drinking water, I AM moving more because our brains respond to how we talk to ourselves. I wrote more in depth on this in last months blog, you can read here


2. Remember your WHY so the WHY NOTs don’t creep in

Motivation; a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. Example: wanting to be able to run around after your children in the park can be a strong motivation to lose weight.

If you don’t remember your reason (your why) for setting the goal first place then the why nots will creep in. Example: Why not just finish off the packet of biscuits? Because I’m losing weight so I can run after my children in the park.


3. Ask yourself is this taking me closer to or further from where I want to be?

This one really focuses you when you're indecisive. 


4. Keep the love alive – don’t let boredom set in

Stay enthusiastic about your goal, keep the desire or willingness to achieve your goal burning. Example: keeping your meals interesting to maintain interest in eating a healthy balanced diet. Boredom can be a thief of our joy, be creative.

Stay inspired; the process of being mentally stimulated to do something. A person or thing that inspires is a stimulus, stimulant or motivation. Find your person or thing.

Sometimes when I’m stuck in a rut and looking for some inspiration to motivate me or boost my enthusiasm I need to change my surroundings to change my head space, that can be getting out for a walk or meeting a friend. Meeting a friend is also a good opportunity to ditch technology and brainstorm with a human. I also find listening to a new podcast can inspire me and when I really want to get creative I make a Pinterest board of inspirational/motivation quotes and pictures, the pictures can be a good way to manifest your goal too, think of the law of attraction.


5. Celebrate the little victories along the way

Big goals are made up of lots of little small wins along the way, don’t miss out on celebrating them. We can get caught up in the weeds of day to day, take time to stop and smell the flowers.


Are you going to try one of these tips?


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  • Loved the tips, so helpful and motivating x

  • Hi laura I loved reading your tips, they really rang through for me!! I will be implementing these into my day 😁 ( notice I said will and not try 😜)
    Lynne xxx

    Lynne sheehy
  • I like your thinking! Will certainly try this x

  • Everything you’ve said here is so true! If I follow any one of these 5 motivational steps, I’ll be on the road to where I want to be (happier within myself). Well written Laura xx


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