The Negative Thought Diet. Weight loss motivation with a difference

This is my first blog so please bear with me…

It isn’t the first time I’ve worked my butt off to lose weight and then wondered how I allowed myself to find it again, sound familiar? It isn't easy to find my motivation and stay motivated. I’ve been on a roundabout of weight loss and weight gain since my late teens and I have allowed myself to go from healthy to unhealthy, feeling good to feeling rubbish, full of energy to lethargic and so on, time and again. I can be so good for months on end and then when I get close to where I want to be I undo all the months of hard work and really irritate myself.

Louise Hay Negative Thought Diet

I recently read an eye opening book on holiday that helped me start to understand why I put the weight back on, time and again. It made so much sense to me and it was what I can only describe as a light bulb moment. 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay definitely wasn’t a weight loss book, weight loss was a tiny portion of the book. I got so much more from it. The book explores personal development from all angles. Basically, Louise believes if we love and approve of our bodies exactly as we are we won’t abuse them and our weight will normalise as it’s an outer effect of what is going on inside. The reason we can be so good for months on end and lose all of our excess weight, feel great and then pile all the weight back on again only to feel rubbish and unhealthy is because we haven’t dealt with what is going on inside of us. We’ve all heard of comfort eating so is it possible that our bodies gain the extra pounds as protection when we feel the need for comfort or protection?

Negative Thoughts Don't Work

So I have decided to try a mental diet as Louise suggests; dieting from negative thoughts. When a negative thought comes up I will stop whatever I’m doing and let it go. I ruined my wedding dress shopping experience and I didn’t feel amazing on my big day as I should have through self-criticism, I kept zoning in on my belly and it didn’t matter how much weight I lost I still hated my belly and all I could see in every wedding dress was my belly. I’m not saying that I will eat whatever I want and love myself while watching the pounds melt away, unfortunately I don’t think it works that way. I have a healthy balanced diet at meal times but I also have a very sweet tooth at snack times. Maybe if I love my body I will start to crave more of the healthy nourishing foods I enjoy and stop abusing my body with sugar which feeds my yeast intolerance and bloats me. It is time to start practising self care, self love and self acceptance. I can most definitely say criticising myself hasn’t helped me so far so what do I have to lose by trying to love and accept myself exactly as I am? 


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  • Good Read, you basically described me in your 1st paragraph, 2 kids later and still trying to loose the baby weight but now my thinking is it’s not a “Diet” it’s a lifestyle change for the rest of my life, recently speaking with someone about the whole weight loss and they said to concentrate on your “why’s” why are you trying to change and small changes are good. #slowandsteady

    J. Turner
  • Very thought provoking and real, really look forward to the next blog.. really enjoyable read

    Nic Kelly
  • I really enjoyed reading this, will definitely try to be more positive about how I look, we women are our own biggest critics…looking forward to your next blog already 😍

    Veronica Hand
  • For your first blog it was so well written and interesting. I’d love to read more, this is such different perspective on how to lose weight. It’s very helpful and positive

    Sophia Northridge
  • Easy to read, very helpful and it is very interesting can’t wait to read the next one 😊

    Katie northridge

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