You're 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down

Statistics show you're 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, so I created a goal setting work sheet for a workshop I gave recently to a group of very ambitious women and now you can also have it to help you think through your goals and plan how to achieve them. Click here to download.

Not sure where to start when writing your goals?

Here are some prompts so you get the most from this goal setting work sheet:

1. Write down your goal (Top tip: give it a time frame) Example: I want to be able to run 5k in 8 weeks time

2. Pick a word that aligns you with your goal. When you have a decision to make, ask yourself will this take me closer to my goal or further away? Example: If your goal is to improve your health, your word could be health. When you want to sit on the couch instead of going for a walk, you can ask yourself will sitting on the couch take me closer to health or further away? This one really focuses you when you're indecisive. 

3. How will you speak to yourself?  Will you speak to yourself in the present or future tense? Example: I am healthy or I will improve my health. Excuses sound best to the person making them.

4. Think long and hard about why you want to achieve your goal. Remember your why, so the why not's don't slip in. Example: Why not just finish off the packet of biscuits? Because I’m losing weight so I can run after my children in the park.

5. Write 3 things that will boost your enthusiasm. Boredom can be the thief of our joy, be creative. Staying enthusiastic about your goal will help keep the desire or willingness to achieve your goal burning. Example: keeping your meals interesting to maintain interest in eating a healthy balanced diet. 

6. Who do you have in your support network? The motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Read more here about how you're vibe sets your tribe.

7. What 3 things can you track on your journey to achieve your goal? You can probably tell because I created the ‘One Bead at a Time’ bracelet for tracking goals that I love to track my progress. I've also created a selection of free printable habit trackers available here. Tracking gives accountability and celebrating the little wins builds momentum and trains the brain to win.

8. Now the really exciting part. Pick the first 3 things you can do to achieve your goal. Example: when I set a goal to improve my health the first 3 things I done were talk to a nutritionist, start exercising and start meditating to reduce stress.

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