One Bead at a Time Bracelet - Sterling Silver

One Bead at a Time Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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The motivational bracelet instruction card included reads:

Stylish jewellery helping to motivate you to achieve your goals, step by step, bead by bead. Set your goal, break it down into manageable steps, decide what the beads will represent for you and add a bead each time you get a step closer to your goal. A visual reminder of how far you have come. Wear your achievements with pride!

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Designed and handcrafted in Ireland
  • Hallmarked in Dublin Castle
  • New improved design

    Each bracelet comes with 28 beads but can hold 50, additional beads can be purchased separately here.  

    Size: 19cm (fits the same size wrist as the original bracelet design)